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Outdoor Wireless DMX Transmitter/Receiver

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Technology parameters
IP Rates: IP65
Frequency: 2.45GHz
Transmit distance: 300m (Visible distance)
Limitless receivers
DMX channel: 512 CHL (each receiver)
Antenna: Helical SMA antenna
Electric : AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 210 × 150 × 70mm
Net Weight: 0.7kg (with AC power supply)
Maximum 16 transmitters at same place without any disturb. Each transmitter has 512 channels and total 8192 channels.
Professional and un-replaceable W-LAN product for convenient use to control as much as maximum lighting units you need especially for architectural building.
Easy learn and operate
One transmitter to one receiver, One transmitter to multiple receiver or Multiple transmitter to multiple receiver.
Free set frequency and transmit password with transmitter and receiver via buttons on operation panel
Up to CE standard, UL standard and GB 7000.15-2000 standard



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