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  • How to choose the stage laser lamp?

How to choose the stage laser lamp?

The stage lights in addition to professional computer lighting, new LED stage lights, and never out of date, with laser light. Laser light is a kind of can automatically produce various laser beam laser products, laser, laser writing pattern with the rhythm of the music, is a stage, dance halls, bars, KTV, television, theater, concert, increase the atmosphere at home in party for a new product.

Buy laser light, should pay attention to the following points:

1, to buy time to see the power and spot size

Eye beam of laser light on human lethal damage, power the greater danger! Laser beam diameter is less than 2mm, green laser beam static power is greater than 100mW does not move, if directed to human skin, so in just a few seconds there is the feeling of burning. When the same spot, green laser beam shooting straight power is more than 300mW on the clothes, a minutes, clothes may be burned. So, absolutely can not open stationary laser beam!

Laser show, laser beam is high-speed galvanometer scanning spread, while the laser power is relatively large, but the laser power density per unit area and after the opening has been very low, usually not on human eyes cause irreversible damage. However, if the circuit or scanning vibration mirror, fault caused by laser beam in the normal scanning process suddenly stopped, and the laser beam is injected into your eyes, so you see how luck. The light, decreased obviously, your vision or blindness, immediately!

The laser performance good, but very dangerous! In order to solve this problem, now Europe and other developed countries have developed a set of "laser scanning control protection" technology, laser light is equipped with this technology, when the laser beam stops unexpectedly scanning, laser will automatically be closed. So, in order to protect you and your customer's eyes, you buy in the laser show products must pay attention to this product is a "laser scanning control protection" function, and to verify the function.

Classification of 2, see the laser light

Currently on the market of laser light, classification from the scanning device on a total of two class. A class of simple beam scanning laser light, the laser light using low speed stepping motor scanning, the effect is only some simple repetitive beam effect. Another is the galvanometer scanning laser light, usually this kind of laser light on the text and animation. Galvanometer scanning laser light, and can be divided into low speed about 10Kpps character animation laser light and ILDA standard >30Kpps high speed high block of text animation laser light. Low speed galvanometer scanning laser light usually can not be put in the complex high quality text or animation, can not be a "multi pattern stunt" effect. In the high-end character animation laser light Mau using >30Kpps high-speed galvanometer developed, not only on the quality of text and animation, but also on the "multiple pattern stunt" effect.

3, look at the actual effect of sound control

Now a lot of laser light has a "voice" function, the "voice" is actually a very simple volume trigger laser playback function, effect is simple, monotone. "Laser music synchronous synthesis play" is related to the laser data and music rhythm data are synchronized together after playing, so in conjunction with the background music of the synchronous playback speed, laser orderly with the rhythm of the music, the effect is usually the "voice" effect can not be compared to.

We present you with a strong light lamp excitation stage effect

We present you with a strong light lamp excitation stage effect

4, look at the text animation art effect

Currently on the market a lot of so-called text animation laser light are not "broken pen" effect, very poor sense of text animation art. The so-called "broken pen" is when placing text, between, the same character stroke or two words should be no laser lines. Usually, the low-grade laser lights are not "broken pen" effect, the running text or animation distortion greatly.

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