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  • How large place light system fire?

How large place light system fire?

Large stage and lighting system is usually temporary facilities, large power consumption, many electric wire distribution in the audience, performing activities in the region, and personnel, scenery, combustible decoration intersection, increases the electric fire risk in large venues. Therefore, the electrical fire safety problems in large venues lighting system, has become an important part of large fire supervision work.

Characteristics and fire safety technical measures, lighting device

(a) the fire safety problems of basic source

Basic light mainly concentrated in the stage area, according to the different location and use of light, can be divided into surface light, side light, top light, day light, row row of light and the light flow, generally uses the lamp, floodlight, signal lamp and flash lamp, power of 0.5 kW to 2 kw. Because the lights lit the lamp device with high temperature, spacing and curtain, scenery, sky, side curtain and other decorative close, so it is of fire prevention, in the installation design, basic source, should pay attention to the following points:

Fire safety precautions basic source

Fire safety precautions basic source

1 lamps should be installed on the base of non combustible, and spacing and the curtains and other flammable fabrics should be more than 0.5 meters, front face of the lamp spacing should be greater than 1.5 meters. To fully estimate the distance by the curtain lifting, opening and closing, lamps and lanterns mobile and natural airflow caused by swinging and other factors, can not meet the safety distance shall take measures. As the curtain and the beam of light is close, should set a fixed metal stent or screen blocking curtain close to the lamp.

2 lamps someone below or flammable, deal with the front face of the lamp and radiating hole is additionally provided with a wire fence or not burning baffle material, in order to reduce the lamp burst hazards make pieces of glass and hot filament spatter caused.

3 for surface light bridge is a wooden structure of the old theatre and other buildings, because of the space optical bridge is very narrow, relatively high temperature, occurrence problem is not easy to detect, this kind of site lighting equipment around must not have any combustibles.

4 to avoid the light device regional flag, coloured ribbons, the balloon and other air moving objects, in order to prevent these items with high temperature lamp directly contact, winding, collision caused a fire.

The 5 set, hoisting temporary lamp holder, should be prior to the architectural design sector on the load-bearing load capacity and installation method for approval. The towering lamp holder to prevent the focus lamp holder lamp installing side bias and standing operating personnel side dumping measures.

6 large outdoor activity places must fully estimate the safety coefficient of lighting system of harsh climatic conditions and specific preventive measures. In the outdoor, generally should use waterproof type distribution box, connector, lamps and lanterns, take other rainproof measures shall not affect the electrical equipment cooling.

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